Bhoomi Technologies LLC, Dubai, Uae

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening the potential of connecting billions of smart devices to communicate with each other using IP technology. IoT enables almost systems to utilise the Internet and Cloud Computing to innovate and make objects smarter and more aware.

IoT devices come in many different form factors, and they all require common functional building blocks such as processing and security, sensing and actuating, connectivity, signal conditioning, protection, power and energy management.

When implemented in various domains like healthcare, smart energy devices, enterprises and more, the IOT solutions will help simply revolutionize the way we work and interact so as to result in quick decision making and enhanced productivity.

Bhoomi Technologies LLC, Dubai, Uae

Smart homes and smart cities are emerging to improve energy efficiency and the quality of life. Smart cities will help deal with congestion, energy waste, and a better way of living. Smart homes will benefit from the IoT to improve energy efficiency, security and convenience with the help of intelligent, connected devices.